Nearly 30 000 cheese lovers attended the South African Cheese Festival at Sandringham in Stellenbosch over the weekend.

An event of this magnitude is a major boost for the local economy and impacts much further than the festival grounds.  Nearly forty percent of the visitors are from outside the Western Cape borders and their presence impacts on the tourism industry in the Province.

Festival goers enjoyed a wide variety of over 400 cheeses, ranging from national cheese brands to unique artisanal cheeses and it was encouraging to once again see new brands featuring at the festival.

Galbani, winner of the Best Stand award in the National Cheese category, is a newcomer to the festival.  “The SA Cheese Festival is such a natural fit for Galbani, Italy’s favourite cheese brand, and we were honoured to take part this year to introduce festival goers to the delights of Galbani. The platform gives great exposure to new brands, as it creates awareness amongst consumers and also offers them a chance to trial products”, says Angelique October, Product Manager for Galbani.

The theme of innovation inspired exhibitors to present creative products at the festival.  Kasselshoop Cheddar Melts was voted Most Innovative Product at the 2015 South African Cheese Festival by the public. 

“The success of the 2015 SA Cheese Festival is predominantly due to the consumer’s need to experience new and innovative products, as well as the outstanding quality of products that are presented by producers and entrepreneurs at the festival”, says Johan Ehlers, CEO of Agri-Expo, organisers of the South African Cheese Festival.

The 2016 South African Cheese Festival will take place from 30 April to 2 May at Sandringham, Stellenbosch.

No Alcohol will be served to persons under the age of 18.