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#1 Langbaken Karoo Cheese

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Introducing Langbaken Karoo Cheese with owners Peter & Francy Schoeman

Location: Williston, Great Karoo

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The Langbaken Karoo Cheese story:

In 2010 Peter and Francy Schoeman moved to Langbaken Farm in Williston in the Great Karoo. They brought with them a small herd of 10 Jersey cows with dreams to make beautiful, artisanal cheese from raw milk. An old wagon room was converted into a cheesery, and the first cheese was made in June of 2010. Langbaken Karoo Cheese was born.

They work according to Slow Food principles, using traditional farmhouse methods. The well-being of their cows, and the production of nutritious, pure, raw milk is a priority.

The pristine Karoo, and the gentle lifestyle contributes enormously to the character of the cheese. Peter is in charge of getting high-quality milk into the cheese vat in order for Francy to make the best possible cheese. The farmer and the cheesemaker are a winning team, who have been winning awards, at the SA Dairy Championships since they first entered in  2013.

The team:

  • Peter is no doubt the Main Man, General Farm Manager, and General Office Manager
  • Francy is the Head Cheesemaker
  • Cathy Ferus is the Assistant Cheesemaker
  • John Ferus and Lewies Koopman are the Dairymen and Milkers
  • Mannetjies van Wyk is the General Helper

Cathy’s journey to assistant cheesemaker:

In the early days, Francy was responsible for all the cheesemaking, cleaning, and the work involved in bringing the cheese to maturity. This meant that she was greatly restricted and had to be on the farm at all times. Four years ago, Cathy (previously unemployed and living in Williston) was employed to help as an assistant in the cheeseroom. She showed interest and potential, and it wasn’t long before Francy began teaching her how to make cheese. A year after she started, Cathy made her first cheese for the SA Dairy Championships. In 2017 her Williston Cheese won SA Champion in its category!


  • Karoo Crumble: hard cheese well-matured – 4 x SA Champion and Qualité Award winner, AGAIN IN 2020
  • Karoo Swiss: semi-hard, 3-6 months matured – Gold Medal, World Jersey Cheese Championships
  • Karoo Blue
  • Williston: a young, well-balanced cheese – SA Champion 2017
  • Camembert: SA Champion 2018
  • Ash Camembert
  • Karoo Sunset: a washed rind cheese

Where to buy:

Contact them at:

053 3914161 or 0825504981 (no signal on farm) Whatsapp only or email 

#CheeseChat on social media:

Facebook Langbaken Karoo Cheese (closed group, ask to join)

Instagram @langbakencheese

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