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#5 Foxenburg Estate Goats Cheese

#SupportSmallCheesemakers: #5 #FoxenbergEstate Goats Cheese

Introducing @ FoxenburgEstate with goat farmers Marianne and Jan Hemmes
Location: Agter Groenberg, Wellington, Western Cape

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The Foxenburg Estate story:

It was humble beginnings for today’s sought after, multi-award-winning Foxenburg cheeses … 20 years ago Marianne and Jan Hemmes started producing goats cheese with a mere 25 goats!  At the time, their milking machine could milk only 6 goats per session – compared with today’s 24 goats per milk session.

On top of it all, they really had to give it all on small markets, shows and tasting demonstrations to educate the public about artisanal goats cheese.  Over the last two decades, they developed an extensive range of cheeses and yoghurts in styles and flavours that have captured the taste-buds of a whole new generation of cheese lovers.

Today on Foxenburg’s cheese plate are no less than 24 different cheeses to choose from – and 13 flavours of yoghurt and related products!

Foxenburg is proud to have achieved two Silver World Cheese Awards. To date, Foxenburg has won no less than 70 awards for their cheeses and yoghurts! Over the years Cape Town Convivium of Slow Food awarded Foxenburg with numerous artisanal cheese citations.

The consumer resistance against goats cheese of two decades ago, melted away in the face of Foxenburg’s artisanal products that speak of quality, health and an exquisite taste that keeps you begging for more.

The team:

Foxenburg team of cheesemakers, milking parlour assistants and agri-workers

  • Khuselo Mchithakali – Assistant Cheesemaker

Khuselo Mchithakali, originally from Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape joined Foxenburg Estate in October 2018 as a young graduate. In the past two years, he has won several prestigious cheese awards. He kicked off his employment as dairy production assistant, where he was responsible for final stage production of soft cheese and packaging of soft and hard cheese.  Due to his enthusiasm and talent, he was soon promoted to the more challenging position of cheesemaker assistant where he learnt the art of making artisanal cheese and yoghurt from Foxenburg’s multi-award-winning head cheesemaker, Wini Borchard.  Currently, Khuselo is responsible for the majority of hard cheese production. He astutely maintains the critical standards that have elevated Foxenburg goat cheese to award-winning status and increasing popularity. Standards such as food safety and personal hygiene, records and quality control, maintaining consistency and flavour profiles, innovation. Having honed his cheesemaking skills over the last two years, Foxenburg Estate was awarded a SA Champion Award at the 2020 SA Dairy Championships for Khuselo’s Shepherd Cheese.

  • Thobatsi Mathloane – Cheesery Assistant

Thobatsi Mathloane, an apprentice of the Future Farmers Foundation, joined Foxenburg Estate in October 2019. He is responsible for the soft cheese roll range.  Foxenburg Estate was awarded a SA Champion Award at the 2020 SA Dairy Championships for his plain Chèvre rolls.

  • Sanna van der Merwe – Cheesery Production Assistant & Yoghurt Queen

Sanna van der Merwe has worked her way up from general farm worker (2004) to dairy production assistant where she takes care of the entire yoghurt production and packaging line. She is Foxenburg’s Yoghurt Queen par excellence … her Greek Style Plain Yoghurt has won a SA Champion award every single year for the past eight years in a row! Plus, numerous championship awards for her fruit flavoured yoghurts. To top it all, she walked away with a prestigious 2020 SA Dairy Championship’s Qualité Award for her Greek Style Vanilla yoghurt. Bow to the Queen!

  • Gerald van der Merwe – Farm Supervisor

Gerald van der Merwe, Foxenburg’s farm supervisor, started off at the farm as a general farm worker in 2003 with experience in olive farming. Over the past 17 years, Gerald became knowledgeable and involved in each and every aspect of Foxenburg’s operations. Today he oversees the running of the milking parlour and takes care of all aspects of goat health and welfare. One often sees him darting from one activity to the other.  He loves working with the public and handles Foxenburg’s product tasting demonstrations, food festivals, deliveries and customer liaisons.

  • Wini Borchard – Head Cheesemaker and Production Manager

Wini Borchard, the head cheesemaker and production manager, joined Foxenburg in 2011, contributing valuable experience from a cow dairy background. Energetic and dynamic, she keeps Foxenburg’s cheesery in the limelight with innovative, award-winning dairy goat products. She has reaped awards every single year – amounting to more than 40 awards in her decade on Foxenburg! Several of these awards were the prestigious SA Dairy Championship’s Qualité Awards … and one Silver World Cheese Award. In 2020 she really hit the top of the charts with 6 awards – including another Qualité award. Go Wini go!


GOAT MILK – FULL FAT: Pasteurized Milk, Kephir style fermented goat milk

YOGHURT PRODUCTS: GREEK STYLE /DOUBLE THICK (Made in the age-old traditional method. Thick, creamy, good appearance, good texture, good taste) various flavours

DRINKING YOGHURT: Plain, vanilla, English toffee, orange, oats, bran, probiotic (excellent for its four beneficial cultures)

FRESH, SOFT AND SEMI SOFT CHEESES                                                  

  • Chabris Creamy, soft buttery texture for spreading or grilling
  • Chèvre Bulk Creamy soft curd, low in salt.
  • Chèvre Rolls – Plain Soft curd roll, low in salt, creamy spreadable texture.
  • Chakalaka    
  • Garlic pepper
  • Mixed herb   
  • Cream cheese – Plain Spreadable, fresh creamy texture with slight acidity
  • Chives
  • Cottage cheese – Plain Smooth textured and spreadable
  • Pepper relish
  • Sour cream & chives                                                         
  • Feta in brine Soft, creamy and sometimes crumbly
  • Feta pieces
  • Halloumi Fruity, tangy flavour, with a chewy texture
  • Quesso Blanco Very dense and smooth texture
  • Nanny Delight Semi-soft 4-6 weeks matured


  • Assegai  Semi-hard, buttery texture, fruity sharp flavour
  • Crottin Hard, creamy, robust flavour mildly salty
  • Caprino Romano Hard, strong cheese with nutty buttery flavour
  • Foxtail Hard, sharp, tangy and nutty – Cheddar style
  • Farmhouse Green Pepper Corn  Semi-hard, tangy, infused with peppercorn
  • Gouda Semi-hard, versatile cheese, nutty, sweet and mildly salty
  • Renosterbos Matured Hard, Matured, crumbly with sharp pronounced flavour
  • Shepherd Hard, strong cheese, three-dimensional flavour

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Organically farmed.  Trusted quality. Cold-pressed.
25 Lt, 1Lt, 500ml

Where to buy:

Selected Woolworths, Spars, farm stalls and delis. Contact Marianne Hemmes on (021) 8735617 or email her or WhatsApp her on 082 6005 689.  She will give you the closest outlets to your location.

Contact them at:

021 873 5617 or 082 600 5689



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