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The Cheese Emporium on the Dairy Square houses an impressive variety of cheeses, from the most well-known brands like cheddars, goudas and fetas to the hand-made, boutique cheeses. Expect a delightful shopping experience with a specially selected variety of quality cheese, meat and complementary products for your convenience.

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The Cape Made: Taste The Alternatives Mall offers a selection of alternative products such as pomegranates, olives, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, honey and indigenous tea. These products complement cheese perfectly! The Cape Made: Taste the Alternatives Mall is presented in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

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The Gourmet Lane in the Carnival Park will ensure that festival-goers are spoiled for choice when planning for lunch or early supper at the superb quality eateries. The Milk Factory, also found in the Carnival Park, hosts the providers of milk (cows, goats and sheep) that ensures quality cheese products on the market. The Carnival Park is the ideal place to sit back and relax in the autumn sun with friends and family after an exciting round of tasting and shopping.

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No Alcohol will be served to persons under the age of 18.