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The SA Cheese Festival was full of surprises in it’s 15 years of existence.  We’ve increased the entertainment options with the new CAPE MADE KITCHEN, featuring the famous The Private Hotel School and Institute of Culinary Arts.  Festival goers could see demonstrations of tasty dishes made with cheese and alternative niche products.

The CAPE MADE KITCHEN is an extension of the CAPE MADE: TASTE THE ALTERNATIVES exhibition, which offers a selection of alternative products such as pomegranates, olives, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, honey and indigenous tea. These products compliments cheese perfectly!  Both the CAPE MADE KITCHEN  and CAPE MADE: TASTE THE ALTERNATIVES were financially supported by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

Visitors could extent their entertainment pleasure and experience cheese paired with beer, coffee and wine. They could also taste goatsmilk or Qualité cheeses and enjoyed Amore Bekker in the brand new AGRI-EXPO TASTING ROOM.  

The AGRI-EXPO MALL featured a carefully selected variety of food and drinks to taste and purchase for later enjoyment.


No Alcohol will be served to persons under the age of 18.