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#10 #BettieBok #Goatsmilkcheese

#10 #BettieBok
Introducing @BettieBokkaas with owners WA and Lillibet Hugo
Location: Bettiesville, Leipoldtville, West Coast

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Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds.

The Bettie Bok story:

We are a small family-owned artisan goats’ milk cheesery situated on the West Coast of South Africa. After years of dreaming and planning, we finally started making cheese in 2015 under the name Bettie Bok. In this era of fast foods and mass production, it is our desire to preserve for our children some of the more traditional, unhurried ways of yesteryear. We believe in a culture where the consumer still knows the producer and the origin of products can be traced. By using original methods and raw milk, we want to preserve as much of the wholesomeness of nature as possible. From taking care of our animals to processing the milk, everyone lends a hand. We strive to continually move towards greener, cleaner ways of farming.

Meet the team:

W.A. and our four young sons are taking care of the herd and feeding and milking the goats, while Lillibet is doing the admin and social media.

Cheesemaking is a team effort with WA primarily responsible – and Lillibet and WA’s mother, Sophia, also helping out.


Chèvre Frais 200g Tub – A versatile fresh soft cheese
Goats Milk Feta 200g Tub
Goats Milk Halloumi
Alm-Öhi, semi-hard table cheese
Bûche de Chèvre – Traditional French-style goat’s log
Pikkewyn – Mobier-style bloomy rind chèvre with ash

Where to buy:

We sell directly from the farm and can arrange delivery. Opening Times 09:00-17:00.

Contact them at:

Contact Person: W.A. Hugo
Contact Nr (whatsapp or email) 0826114004

#CheeseChat on social media

Facebook @bettiebokkaas
Instagram @bettiebok

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#9 Bolgari Cheese

#9 #BolgariCheese
Introducing @Bolgari with owner Zhana Yordanova
Location: Somerset West, Western Cape

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Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds.

The Bolgari story:

BOLGARI is a family business, which strives to bring the vibrant flavours of the mountain villages of Bulgaria to South Africa. Our family’s delicious traditions are still the heart of our business. We produce a range of Mediterranean soft cheeses with the most traditional techniques and recipes that third-generation cheesemaker and owner Zhana has brought from her home country.

We only use local milk and we are enthusiastic about making sure that our products reflect the true taste of the traditional farm products.

We take great pride and passion in crafting our unique cheeses, dips, rillettes, authentic Bulgarian yoghurt, our dairy-free vegan yoghurt, our range of Vegan cream cheeses and we enjoy sharing them with you – our awesome customers.


Mediterranean herb Labneh
Moroccan Spice Labneh
Basil Pesto Labneh
Poppy seeds and Chili Labneh
Smoked Almonds, Orange and Saffron Labneh
Black Pepper, Parmesan Labneh
Authentic Bulgarian Yoghurt
Farmstyle Strained Yoghurt
Icelandic Skyr
Traditional French Rillettes


Coconut yoghurt
Activated Almond Yoghurt
Pumpkin Seed Butter
Vegan Cream Cheese – Original
Vegan Cream Cheese – Garlic and Herb
Vegan Cream Cheese – Sun-dried tomato and Chili

Where to buy:

Selected Spars, independent delis, Wellness Warehouse

 Contact them at:

072 016 0116

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#8 Klein River Cheese

#8 #KleinRiverCheese
Introducing @KleinRiverCheese owned by Mags and Peter Baleta
Location: R326, Stanford, Western Cape

We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs. #Share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese (details below)!

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds.

The Klein River Cheese story:

Klein River Cheese is a family-run business that has been crafting cheese for more than 20 years on the Farmstead situated near Stanford, an art and foodie heritage village, surrounded by a lazy, meandering river, lush forests and grey-cliff, jagged mountains. The farm is also the home of the Baleta family since March 2015. They are dedicated to ensuring that we live and work in tune with our environment, community, and Farmstead.

A little bit about our History

Klein River Cheese started out as a dairy farm back in the day, bottling their own milk. They slowly nurtured and built up their herd of Friesland cows and were supplying the surrounding areas with fresh milk and cream. Over the years the milk prices fluctuated forcing management to investigate an alternative use for the milk. They studied the market and decided that there was a gap for proudly South African produced hard cheese. In 1995 they used their surplus milk and started experimenting with cheese for the first time.

A Swiss/German cheese maker helped to set up the factory. He later taught a local blue cheesemaker, Jacko van Beulen, to make the uniquely South African hard cheese, our flagship cheese known as Klein River Gruberg. In the following years, the cheese as well as the cheesemaker, won numerous awards and the cheese factory grew. Jacko is to this day still our cheesemaker and has extensive knowledge and experience in cheese craft. He merely looks at the milk and instinctively understands its quality and freshness. He has processed more than 15 million litres of milk at Klein River Cheese.

The calf shed was renovated into what we now know as The Deli, where guests come to taste and purchase cheese as well as a variety of locavore products. We offer delicious cheese platters and picnics that can be enjoyed on the banks of the river.

Our Purpose

Klein River Cheese, based in Stanford, creates and promotes South Africa’s leading artisan cheese. We exist to unleash the inner artisan in every one of us. Our cheese collection inspires chefs and romantics, nature lovers and healthy families. Klein River Cheese is not only about our products, it’s our culture. Our handmade, hand brushed, hand-cut cheese is a vehicle to join the artisan way of life. Are you ready to join the proudly South African artisan cheese movement?

The team: 

      • Pete and Mags Baleta – owners
      • Raymond Siebrits – Manager –
      • Nelleke Ferreira – Financial & HR Manager – Started September 2015
        When I applied for the position at Klein River Cheese, I was told they need a “boekhouer”. Fresh out of audit, I have never submitted a VAT return in my life, and thought I was overqualified and wrong type of experience for the position – I would be bored within 3 months. Little did I know what challenges a small-medium sized company can hold. Almost 5 years later – and I am still waiting to see the day that I am bored, still waiting for that “I have it all figured out”-feeling. Sure – but what about my dream of going into corporate governance and sustainability (KING V, ethics etc), but then I realised what a privilege it was to work for an ETHICAL, entity LIVING these values. An honour to be on the front end of sustainable farming, and to help ensure responsible corporate dealings. I just decided: why work for a corporate giant, to whom you are just a number, offering the best years of your life to shareholders you don’t even know, and who surely do not care for you. Why wait until you’re retired to live the laid back, quality life? Why not now? So, I gave up traffic and all the glamour the city has to offer, for peace of mind, for a sense of belonging, for farm, for family, for LIFE – because this is LIVING!
      • Juliana Marziani – Quality Control and Marketing Manager – Started July 2019.
        My career started at KWV, Paarl where I worked from 1992 until 2000, but my true passion for Food Safety & Quality disciplines started in 2004 when I worked for Heinz Foods in their Supply Chain department. Between 2008 and 2010 I worked in New Zealand as Quality Assurance Manager for a small Company, European Master Butcher where I gained experience in both High Risk, butchery, fresh Produce plants within the company. Coming to Klein River Cheese and joining the Family owned business is like having the best of both worlds. I get to do the work that I love and at the same time I am blessed with the working environment, the lovely Klein River Farmstead. Being part of the cultured strong team at Klein River Cheese has been amazing from the start. Although we are a relatively small company, we do the ordinary in an extraordinary way with the owners and Management leading by example. My other portfolio of Marketing Manager is extremely rewarding, being responsible for our product and brand “image” and being our Company’s brand ambassador makes me feel real proud, I can’t help to talk about or fabulous Klein River Cheese wherever I go.
      • Paula Wessels – Office and Logistics Manager- Started October 2014.
        My involvement and passion goes a lot further than my roles and responsibilities. I am actively part of our Cheese Deli and Picnic team as well working with the public and visitors to our beautiful Farmstead. From an admin and logistics side what I find most rewarding is seeing our delivery vehicles packed and ready for dispatch, our driver equipped with all relevant documents and route planning.  Managing the office while having a beautiful view onto the farmstead eases the normal stress of office work. I love giving my best for Klein River Cheese!!
      • Matthys Swart – Pasteurisation Plant Operator – Started March 2015.
        My passion and interest in Cheesemaking started in 2006 when I worked for Caledon Dairy where we produced Cheddar, Gouda and Feta Cheese. At Klein River Cheese I am responsible for raw milk pasteurisation and inhouse laboratory testing, and I have a real passion for what I do. Being a Cheesemaker trainee is extremely rewarding and I am looking forward to becoming a master Cheesemaker one day. I recently completed the Woolworths IBL Food Safety Training and have stepped into the Quality discipline within the Company which I really enjoyed. I start each day with a positive attitude and one of gratitude.
      • Jacko van Beulen – Cheesemaker and Factory Manager – Started March 2008
        My career in Cheesemaking started in Napier making blue cheese, feta, cream cheese and camembert. In 2006 before joining Klein River Cheese I went to Europe where I worked in various factories and gained practical and theoretical experience.The previous owner of Klein River Cheese approached me while working in Napier and asked me to join Klein River Cheese as Cheesemaker. I still look back at the time when I came to Klein River Cheese and was told we will make cheese of 1000 Litre a day which at that time was much more than what I was used to. What I like most is to see the result of my cheese crafting skills and how it is accepted and well enjoyed. I am a firm believer that either love it or leave it, in my case I Love it!
      • Clement October – Assistant Cheesemaker and Affineur – Started February 2009.
        I strive to make and deliver the best quality cheese and provide ultimate customer satisfaction, create a positive working environment within the production team.I take good pride and satisfaction in having been able to master the art of cheesemaking. It has been an interesting and rewarding journey.
      • Alvino Booysen Cheese Production & Maturer – Started February 2018.
        I have learned and accomplished a lot since I started working at Klein River Cheese. My ambition is to learn and become a Cheesemaker.
      • Ricardo Ali – Driver and Dispatch Assistant –  Started August 2009.
        A normal day for me starts with early morning drives to the dairy farms with the Klein River Bulk Container truck, my responsibilities with collecting raw milk are to perform testing prior to milk receiving as part of our food safety requirements. Back at the farm I oversee to the safe transfer of the milk from the Milk truck into Pasteurisation and assist in Dispatch on the days I am not on the road doing deliveries. I am told that I am the most patient person and colleague, and I honestly believe that is due to the nature of my work. I travel quite far distances per week to deliver our Cheese, leaving the farmstead early mornings with a full load and taking in the beauty of nature on my route must be the secret. I am passionate about Klein River Cheese, enjoy the serenity of the farmstead and the amazing smell of artisan cheese in our Maturation rooms.
      • Johan Greyling – Front of House Manager The Cheese Deli – Started in November 2018.
        My Company focus is customers, to provide excellent service and give our guests who visits our Farmstead the opportunity to learn our culture and the process of Cheese Making. I enjoy working with my team, enjoy the farm, animals and of course of wonderful artisan Cheese but the favourite part of my job is experimenting with new ideas and getting everyone involved. To be a leader who encourages and motivates my fellow staff members and my team who by now are like family to me. We have an amazing team with mutual understanding and goals to and we strive to continuously improve our knowledge and experience in all areas of the company and our Cheese range. “If you enjoy your job, you never have to work a day in or life” – I love my job. 
      • Louise Baadjies – Cheese Deli Assistant – Started September 2008.
        The best thing about my work is meeting and greeting of visitors to The Cheese Deli and educating them about our wonderful Cheese.  I enjoy baking and trying out new recipes and love expanding my knowledge and sharing it.
      • Maria Dam – Cheese Deli Assistant and Cleaner – Started July 2016.
        I love learning new things in and around the Cheese Deli and meeting interesting visitors from around the world. I am always keen to help out in Production, dispatch department.


Brushed Rind Cheese

      • Gruberg – Young (3 months matured), Mature (6 months matured), Vintage (12 months matured) A traditional brushed rind cheese that reveals rustic, earthy & nutty notes.
        Gruberg is our flagship Swiss-style cheese and is made for the discerning cheese lover. Handcrafted on our farmstead since 1994.
      • Stanford Oak Smoked 4 months matured – It takes 18 hours to smoke this cheese using an age-old cold smoking technique. A little goes a long way. Awarded the best smoked cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards 2016 – 17. Winner of the Woolworths Cheesemakers Challenge in 2014.
      • Stanford 4 months matured – named after the village we call home, Stanford is a sweet, tangy & nutty cheese. This French-style cheese was inspired by inside secrets of the French art and science of cheesemaking.

Washed Curd Cheese

      • Danbo 1 month matured – A young, aromatic cheese with a creamy texture that is soft and smooth. Loved by young, old and those in between. Danbo’s versatility adds excitement to any dish.
      • Havarti 4 months matured – A cheese with a velvety, creamy texture & full-flavoured umami impressions. The cheese that everyone loves! We dare you to try it and not love it!
      • Overberg 5 month matured – A unique press & curd-cutting process creates a creamy, mature cheese with a rich, robust flavour. Produced by hand in our tiny 1300 L vat, this cheese defines artisanal and hand-made. Savour in its raw form.
      • Raclette 4 months matured – The fruity, earthy and umami flavours ooooooze out when melted. Raclette’s name is derived from the French word, racler, which means “to scrape”. Once the cheese hits the heat, scrape onto your favourite dish! Light that fire, we’ll bring the Raclette.

Hard Cheese

      • Grana 1 year matured – A strong, crumbly cheese with a nutty, fruity flavour and matured for up to a year. On the farmstead, we eat Grana on its own… a wooden board, cheese knife and wedge of Grana and you’re on your way!
      • Parmesan1 year matured – Aged for a year, this hard, crumbly cheese has flinty, fragrant characteristics. This cheese is delicious grated and sprinkled over every dish. And we mean every dish!

Young Cheese

      • Leyden 1 month mature – Full fat semi-hard cheese with caraway seeds which adds an aniseed-flavour & an unexpected cooling effect. We lightly cook the caraway seeds to ensure that the dormant flavours in the seeds are unleashed into the body of the cheese. The culture used in this cheese plays on the cheese texture and never disappoints.
      • Colby 1 month matured – Inspired by family, this young cheese has a light texture & a tart, caramel finish. This cheese defines ‘All-purpose’. Can be used grated, wedged, melted, on its own and slices wonderfully. Kids love it!

Where to buy:

      • Western Cape: Woolworths, Checkers, PnP, Food Lovers Market, selection of Spar Stores, Delis and farmstalls.
      • Nationwide: Woolworths and PnP Stores
      • Online: Woolworths, PnP, Checkers and Buyfresh.
      • The Cheese Deli: on Klein River Farmstead, open to the public 9am to 4pm Mondays to Saturdays

 Contact them at:

028 341 0693
082 587 0982

 #CheeseChat on social media:

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#7 La Petite France Dairy Farm Products

#7 #LaPetiteFrance Dairy Farm Products
Introducing @LaPetiteFrance owned by Grant Warren
Location: Preston Farm, Karkloof Road, Howick, KwaZulu-Natal

We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs. #Share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese (details below)!

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds.

The La Petite France story:

Preston Farm Dairy provided the milk for the first La Petite France Camembert made by a cheesemaker who learnt his trade in France and required the correct milk. In 2013, Grant Warren bought the cheese business and moved it onto the farm. The range of products has expanded to include a wide variety of cheeses and fresh dairy products. We pride ourselves on having a happy and loyal staff as well as producing quality, grain-free products in an ethical, natural and sustainable manner.

Meet the team:

  • Grant Warren – Director / Owner since 1990
  • Sifiso Ntshiza – Farm Manager (graduated through student internship programme)
  • Allan Dell – Factory and Production Manager
  • Nomusa Mngadi – Supervisor and Cheesemaker, began as a young casual farm worker
  • Sboniso Ndlovu – Supervisor and Cheesemaker
  • Chris Shangase – Factory packing and dispatch
  • Robert Mbhekiseni – Assistant to Sifiso and deliveries (has run 9 Comrades Marathons)
  • Roger Dell – Maintenance
  • James Zondi – Tractor driver and security (husband to Nomusa Mngadi)


All products have NO additives whatsoever, just milk and cultures:

  • Brie and Camembert – Traditional French style
  • Tilsiter – Kurd stirred, lightly salted and tangy
  • Hilton Blue – semi-hard, creamy with strong stilton type flavours
  • Parmesan – hard, nutty and fruity with a bite on the tongue
  • Feta – in olive oil instead of brine (sundried tomato, pepper and plain)
  • Haloumi – chilli and garlic, mint and plain
  • Cream Cheese – extra creamy
  • Cottage Cheese – chunky
  • Butter – farm-made
  • Yoghurt – strained, thick and creamy. Full fat and Fat-free
  • Cheddar – naturally sweet and full-flavoured
  • Gouda – smooth and deliciously creamy

Where to buy:

Western Cape, Gauteng, Durban as well as KZN Midlands – selected Spars and Food Lovers Markets and independent stores

Howick, Karkloof: Preston Farmstall: Mon-Fri 08h00 – 16h00; Sat 07h00 -11h00

Contact them at:

083 957 1758

#CheeseChat on social media:

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#6 Puglia Cheese


#SupportSmallCheesemakers: #6 #PugliaCheese

Introducing @PugliaCheese owned by Davide Ostini
Location: Parklands, Cape Town, Western Cape

We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs. #Share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese (details below)!

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds.

The Puglia Cheese story:

Puglia Cheese was born in 2010 with the idea to produce artisan cheese.  Puglia produces authentic Italian cheeses and is proud to have introduced new cheeses in South Africa, winning accolades locally and worldwide with their Burrata, Nodini and basically their entire cheese range.  Most of their cheeses are from the region of Puglia (the heel of Italy). They are now slowly introducing cheeses from other regions like Stracchino and mature cheeses like Tomino and mature goats’ cheeses. The business started with Davide and two friends from Italy, Cosimo and Fabio, one a master cheesemaker. Davide learned how to make cheese in the UK.  In the 90’s, he owned five Italian restaurants – a cheesemaker friend came to visit and Davide ended up training him as a pizzamaker who in turn taught him to make fresh mozzarella.

In a few years Puglia grew from only three to eight employees – today they employ 22 people. Puglia Cheese mostly employ untrained people from poor backgrounds – they believe in training people that otherwise would not have a chance to learn a trade. All their staff start at the bottom, working themselves up – once the staff member shows commitment, they start receiving training.

Their greatest success story, among many, is Ryno Strauss. He was introduced to Davide by his brother-in-law who is an elder in a church. Ryno had it rough for over 10 years and was part of a gang at the age of 27, at some stage living under a tree. When Davide asked him what experience he had, he proudly said: “I can make butter”. His smile and his neat appearance were striking. Davide remembers thinking how well he looked and his eagerness to work despite his rough living. It was a bumpy ride the first two months, getting him used to the working environment – Ryno struggled to follow orders and had a short temper.  Davide was quite hard on him, making sure he was the right guy for the job.  Soon his skill and natural ability of marketing and selling of the products showed.  As an encouragement, Davide took Ryno along to the Agri-Expo Qualité Awards Dinner – the awards function of the biggest dairy championships in Africa, where Ryno mingled with the guests at his table, making quite the impression. He quickly learned all about cheese and how to sell the product – sharing knowledge as far as he went – Puglia Cheese sales doubled since Ryno joined the team. Needless to say, Ryno is a great asset for Puglia, not only can he sell cheese, but he can also make cheese.  Today he is in charge of dispatch and stocktaking.

Another success story for Puglia Cheese is Priscilla, who has been part of the team since day one.  She started out as a cleaner, slowly working through the process of learning how to make ricotta, mascarpone, mature cheese and lately curding milk. Many SA Dairy Championships titles have been won with her products. Five years ago, Pamella joined the Puglia Cheese team – she is a great example of dynamite that comes in small packages.  Her stamina and willingness to succeed and quick thinking saw her rising from just a cleaner to head of production in less than four years. These two ladies are an irreplaceable asset to Puglia Cheese – both of them act as the first port of call for all the staff communication.

Davide is proud that many of their staff have been with them for many years – like Ntosh, their admin-secretary, can-do-it-all lady. She started as an office assistant, worked through the ranks.  For a long time, she was the only one in the office manning the phones, orders, invoicing and credit control. During this time, she studied accounting and SAGE pastel part-time online to better her skills and be promoted. A sad turn of events is that one of their star employees, Zuzu, tragically passed in a car crash on 26 December 2018. He also was a rising star and a trusted manager and friend. He was employed as a packer and worked himself through the ranks to become the floor manager and head of distribution.

Meet the team:

  • Owner – Davide Ostini
  • Office – Ntombentsha (Ntosh) Mboneli, Marambe Zvikomborero
  • Floor Manager and HR – William Mfene
  • Head of Distribution, Stock Control and Procurement – Ryno Strauss
  • Head of Packaging – Sinalo Gobo
  • Packaging team – Sinazo Madubela, Rhumbi Mwanaku, Sasha Chikwahna
  • Head of Production – Pamella Dzindikwa
  • First Cheesemaker – Priscilla Mangachena
  • Cheesemaking team – Noku Mabandla, Belinda Makoni, Mbulelo Mdzanga
  • Driver – Terrence Chembonga
  • Assistant – Karren Horonga
  • Sales – Erika Nienaber


  • Burrata: Burrata is part of the spun cheeses Fior di Latte as it is made with a thin Fior di Latte skin filled with Stracciatella – a mixture of whey butter, fresh cream, spices and ripped Fior di Latte mixed together. Burrata also comes in various flavours.
  • Nodini: stretched Fior di Latte knotted and shaped like a small knot.
  • Treccia: a Fior di Latte braid. Mozzarella shaped into an actual braid.
  • Provolone Silano: a semi-mature soft skin ‘Easter Egg’ shaped mozzarella. The big ball.
  • Fior di Latte and Bocconcini: classic round shaped Fior di Latte.
  • Sfoglia: a 30cm x 20cm Fior di Latte sheet. To fill with ingredients of your choice.
  • Smoked Scamorza: a small version of Provolone, smoked and hang for 2 days. The hanging balls.
  • Mascarpone: their very own authentic artisan Mascarpone cream.
  • Ricotta: hand-made Ricotta.
  • Ricotta Salata: sun-dried Ricotta covered in rock salt.
  • Stracchino-Certosa: a 2 days old soft sticky spreadable tangy cheese.
  • Filone: Fior di Latte salt-treated and dried for 48 hours to be used for Pizza.
  • ZIZZONA: Extra-large Fior di Latte Ball.

Where to buy:

Cape Town:

  • Ital Emporio – Table View
  • Granger Bay Market
  • Giovannis
  • Olive Branch
  • Camps Bay continental
  • Block Men
  • Arthur’s mini market
  • SPAR: Vredehoek, Sea Point, Cape Quarter


  • Tortellino D’oro
  • Fournos – Dunkeld and Bedfordview
  • Health Emporium – Honeydew
  • Impala fruit and flower – Craighall Park
  • Paolette Deli – Edenvale
  • PNP: Crowthorne and Craighall
  • Spar: Broadacres, Hobart, Blairgowrie, Craighall, Willoway, Bedfordview and Parkview

Contact them at:

davide@puglia.co.za / info@puglia.co.za or 021 556 7188/0623924592

#CheeseChat on social media:

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#5 Foxenburg Estate Goats Cheese

#SupportSmallCheesemakers: #5 #FoxenbergEstate Goats Cheese

Introducing @ FoxenburgEstate with goat farmers Marianne and Jan Hemmes
Location: Agter Groenberg, Wellington, Western Cape

We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs. #Share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese (details below)!

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds.

The Foxenburg Estate story:

It was humble beginnings for today’s sought after, multi-award-winning Foxenburg cheeses … 20 years ago Marianne and Jan Hemmes started producing goats cheese with a mere 25 goats!  At the time, their milking machine could milk only 6 goats per session – compared with today’s 24 goats per milk session.

On top of it all, they really had to give it all on small markets, shows and tasting demonstrations to educate the public about artisanal goats cheese.  Over the last two decades, they developed an extensive range of cheeses and yoghurts in styles and flavours that have captured the taste-buds of a whole new generation of cheese lovers.

Today on Foxenburg’s cheese plate are no less than 24 different cheeses to choose from – and 13 flavours of yoghurt and related products!

Foxenburg is proud to have achieved two Silver World Cheese Awards. To date, Foxenburg has won no less than 70 awards for their cheeses and yoghurts! Over the years Cape Town Convivium of Slow Food awarded Foxenburg with numerous artisanal cheese citations.

The consumer resistance against goats cheese of two decades ago, melted away in the face of Foxenburg’s artisanal products that speak of quality, health and an exquisite taste that keeps you begging for more.

The team:

Foxenburg team of cheesemakers, milking parlour assistants and agri-workers

  • Khuselo Mchithakali – Assistant Cheesemaker

Khuselo Mchithakali, originally from Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape joined Foxenburg Estate in October 2018 as a young graduate. In the past two years, he has won several prestigious cheese awards. He kicked off his employment as dairy production assistant, where he was responsible for final stage production of soft cheese and packaging of soft and hard cheese.  Due to his enthusiasm and talent, he was soon promoted to the more challenging position of cheesemaker assistant where he learnt the art of making artisanal cheese and yoghurt from Foxenburg’s multi-award-winning head cheesemaker, Wini Borchard.  Currently, Khuselo is responsible for the majority of hard cheese production. He astutely maintains the critical standards that have elevated Foxenburg goat cheese to award-winning status and increasing popularity. Standards such as food safety and personal hygiene, records and quality control, maintaining consistency and flavour profiles, innovation. Having honed his cheesemaking skills over the last two years, Foxenburg Estate was awarded a SA Champion Award at the 2020 SA Dairy Championships for Khuselo’s Shepherd Cheese.

  • Thobatsi Mathloane – Cheesery Assistant

Thobatsi Mathloane, an apprentice of the Future Farmers Foundation, joined Foxenburg Estate in October 2019. He is responsible for the soft cheese roll range.  Foxenburg Estate was awarded a SA Champion Award at the 2020 SA Dairy Championships for his plain Chèvre rolls.

  • Sanna van der Merwe – Cheesery Production Assistant & Yoghurt Queen

Sanna van der Merwe has worked her way up from general farm worker (2004) to dairy production assistant where she takes care of the entire yoghurt production and packaging line. She is Foxenburg’s Yoghurt Queen par excellence … her Greek Style Plain Yoghurt has won a SA Champion award every single year for the past eight years in a row! Plus, numerous championship awards for her fruit flavoured yoghurts. To top it all, she walked away with a prestigious 2020 SA Dairy Championship’s Qualité Award for her Greek Style Vanilla yoghurt. Bow to the Queen!

  • Gerald van der Merwe – Farm Supervisor

Gerald van der Merwe, Foxenburg’s farm supervisor, started off at the farm as a general farm worker in 2003 with experience in olive farming. Over the past 17 years, Gerald became knowledgeable and involved in each and every aspect of Foxenburg’s operations. Today he oversees the running of the milking parlour and takes care of all aspects of goat health and welfare. One often sees him darting from one activity to the other.  He loves working with the public and handles Foxenburg’s product tasting demonstrations, food festivals, deliveries and customer liaisons.

  • Wini Borchard – Head Cheesemaker and Production Manager

Wini Borchard, the head cheesemaker and production manager, joined Foxenburg in 2011, contributing valuable experience from a cow dairy background. Energetic and dynamic, she keeps Foxenburg’s cheesery in the limelight with innovative, award-winning dairy goat products. She has reaped awards every single year – amounting to more than 40 awards in her decade on Foxenburg! Several of these awards were the prestigious SA Dairy Championship’s Qualité Awards … and one Silver World Cheese Award. In 2020 she really hit the top of the charts with 6 awards – including another Qualité award. Go Wini go!


GOAT MILK – FULL FAT: Pasteurized Milk, Kephir style fermented goat milk

YOGHURT PRODUCTS: GREEK STYLE /DOUBLE THICK (Made in the age-old traditional method. Thick, creamy, good appearance, good texture, good taste) various flavours

DRINKING YOGHURT: Plain, vanilla, English toffee, orange, oats, bran, probiotic (excellent for its four beneficial cultures)

FRESH, SOFT AND SEMI SOFT CHEESES                                                  

  • Chabris Creamy, soft buttery texture for spreading or grilling
  • Chèvre Bulk Creamy soft curd, low in salt.
  • Chèvre Rolls – Plain Soft curd roll, low in salt, creamy spreadable texture.
  • Chakalaka    
  • Garlic pepper
  • Mixed herb   
  • Cream cheese – Plain Spreadable, fresh creamy texture with slight acidity
  • Chives
  • Cottage cheese – Plain Smooth textured and spreadable
  • Pepper relish
  • Sour cream & chives                                                         
  • Feta in brine Soft, creamy and sometimes crumbly
  • Feta pieces
  • Halloumi Fruity, tangy flavour, with a chewy texture
  • Quesso Blanco Very dense and smooth texture
  • Nanny Delight Semi-soft 4-6 weeks matured


  • Assegai  Semi-hard, buttery texture, fruity sharp flavour
  • Crottin Hard, creamy, robust flavour mildly salty
  • Caprino Romano Hard, strong cheese with nutty buttery flavour
  • Foxtail Hard, sharp, tangy and nutty – Cheddar style
  • Farmhouse Green Pepper Corn  Semi-hard, tangy, infused with peppercorn
  • Gouda Semi-hard, versatile cheese, nutty, sweet and mildly salty
  • Renosterbos Matured Hard, Matured, crumbly with sharp pronounced flavour
  • Shepherd Hard, strong cheese, three-dimensional flavour

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Organically farmed.  Trusted quality. Cold-pressed.
25 Lt, 1Lt, 500ml

Where to buy:

Selected Woolworths, Spars, farm stalls and delis. Contact Marianne Hemmes on (021) 8735617 or email her or WhatsApp her on 082 6005 689.  She will give you the closest outlets to your location.

Contact them at:

021 873 5617 or 082 600 5689



#CheeseChat on social media:

Facebook @foxenburgestate

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#4 Kasselshoop Cheese

#SupportSmallCheesemakers: #4 #KasselshoopCheese

Introducing @Kasselshoop Cheese – with owners Kassie and Liesel Kasselman

Location: Stilbaai, Garden Route, Western Cape

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds.

We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs. #Share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese! (details below)!

The Kasselshoop story: The whey forward with Kasselshoop 

In 2002, the Kasselman family began crafting and curing traditional hard cheeses at Klein Soebattersvlakte, Stilbaai, the well-known holiday destination in the Southern Cape. The Kasselman family was known for their Jersey Stud that Johannes Kasselman started in 1980, registered as Kasselshoop (the hope of a Kasselman). Here, in the heart of “fynbos” country, four generations of Kasselman’s have been breeding Jersey’s known for the rich and creamy milk they produce.

Stilbaai was a natural home for the Kasselshoop cheese factory, not only for its rich limestone and fynbos vegetation, but also for the high quality, rich and creamy milk supplied by the small-herd farmers in the area. Natural farming practices are used to establish and improve pastures and great effort goes into the controlling of milk quality to ensure that only the best raw materials are used in our cheeses. The Jersey cows are exclusively raised on pasture and only get hay and minerals as supplements.

The current factory, with spacious facilities, started in the remains of a small rural school that was originally constructed for the local farm children.  Initially, we only made a small batch of cheese every second day. Today, the team of 14 people produce about 12 tonnes of cheese a month, then package and distribute it.

The personnel are all from the local community and are trained on the job. In 2008, our cheesemaker was chosen to go to France to be trained in the finer art of cheese making. Under the competent guidance of Rian Kasselman, Kasselshoop produces white and yellow cheddar, gouda and flavoured cheeses.

The team:

Jonathan Hendricks – Cheesemaker
Gerswin Jones – Cheesemaker and cold room manager
Hilton Michaels – Production assistant
Phillip Koeries – Production assistant
Daniël Pieterse – General assistant
Llewellyn Oosthuizen – Packaging assistant
Lauro Lee Slavers – Packaging manager
Rose Jahn Snyman – Packaging assistant
Mercia Francis – Assistant GMP manager
Monrico Lupini – Operations manager
Alison Esau – Administration
Nicky Franklin – Marketing and tour room manager
Karin Potgieter – Food safety coordinator


  • Gouda R99.99/kg
  • Cheddar R99.99/kg

Flavoured cheese R39.99/200g:

  • Gouda with Chilli
  • Smoked Gouda
  • Olive Cheddar
  • Nettle Cheddar
  • Pepper Thom (paprika peppers)
  • Onion Cheddar
  • Black Pepper Cheddar

Cheese packs R59.99/200g:

  • Smoked Gouda with balsamic reduction combo
  • Nettle Cheddar with cumin onion reduction combo
  • 3 cheese platter olive, nettle, pepper R62.99/300g

Where to buy:

Available at Checkers stores nationwide and selected Pick ‘n Pay and Spar outlets.

Contact them at:

028 754 2430 / 074 819 4659 or e-mail

 #CheeseChat on social media:

The story behind the story by Liesel Kasselsman:

In 2000, my husband, Kassie, moved to Klein Soebattersvlakte – the family farm, a sandy farm, where very little is growing. As a teacher, I only saw the BEAUTIFUL and the opportunities, the beautiful people, the beautiful cows, all with their own unique hairstyles and names, my two beautiful boys (5 and 2 years old them) we could raise – carefree, in the sand , on the farm and between the cows. What a blessing! Out of God’s hand.

With stars in my eyes and gratitude in my heart, our story began…. The big milk buyers started to give notice to the smaller milk farmers of the area that it was no longer worthwhile to pick up their milk. It really was a turning point for these incredible people, who make such a sincere existence with integrity (ALL the farmers in our area).

The WCED gave us notice of closure of the school on the farm, which Oupa Boet and Oom Tom built with such love for the children in the area – to give them a better future. Kassie’s eldest brother Willem (mechanical engineer) with his family started a sabbatical year in Stilbaai.

The above three facts were used by the Lord to establish a cheese factory.

Gerhard, Kassie’s other brother, with all his experience and knowledge in the dairy industry, also joined the other two brothers and together with their father, Johannes Kasselman, the four men begin the hope of a Kasselman – Kasselshoop.

The cheese was first made in the kitchen, later in a small refrigerator at home and sold out of a cool box from Willem’s boot. Four women from the area started working together later, and much later two men. Hit and run is an understatement for this project, done completely the wrong way around, because we were sure ALL the cheese would sell easily.

This did happen, but as the market began to grow, the challenges began (unskilled staff, logistical problems – too remote, direct competitors are so big, retail buyers do not talk easily to small role players and capital is scarce).


Kassie and I drove to Port Elizabeth to negotiate with a retailer to sell our cheese. With the minimum funds, we load the two boys into the bakkie and slept over with family. 10 minutes before the appointment we sat in the bakkie in front of the building and preached to the children that we will sit them down under the table with their toys and food and that they may not utter one word, when the call came through – Mr …… will not be able to see us today but only in a month’s time.

We did not have enough funds to come back in a month’s time, and we also had too much cheese to sell without a market, which of course I told the secretary. When I put the phone down we were all so stunned, and Kassie and I decided that ALL we could do now was PRAY. Kassie started to pray, and with his AMEN, the phone rang and Mr… .. invited us to come to his office immediately. God provided… both boys sat perfectly still and we got the contract.

I also remember how once we sent 11 tonnes of cheese (at that time our entire cold room) to an unknown person, all our paperwork was ready and everything humanly possible was done to ensure that the process will go smoothly. The buyer called when the cheese arrived in Johannesburg and said that the cheese was not right. He also sent photos. Upon closer examination, we determined that the cooling truck’s cooling did not work all the way. My brother-in-law and I flew up to Joburg to go and inspect. Upon arrival, the buyer took us to the cheese, of which he sent pictures, and when he cut it open there were NO problems. To this day, I can still remember the surprised faces of the buyer and my brother-in-law, Gerhard !!! The Lord provides!

My father-in-law and the two brothers brought Kasselshoop to a level where it could be self-sufficient, and when both brothers were offered good jobs, the big decision was left to me and Kassie 6 years ago whether to take over the factory or not.

With small children, and other businesses, it was difficult for me and Kassie to decide whether we could manage the cheese factory on our own, as his brothers and father are such capable people and made such a huge contribution. I remember the morning we were sitting under the tree and Kassie asked if I could walk this road, my answer was YES, but in my heart I wasn’t sure. That night I had a BRIGHT DREAM, with the brightest light shining right on the guesthouse, I woke Kassie up with the story, and he said sleepily, are you sure it wasn’t at the Cheese Factory , and then I KNEW!

At that time, we were blessed with my sister Rianda who came to the farm, also for a Sabbatical year. She runs our Jersey herd, and the one year became six years, and we know that Kassie would never be able to pay attention to the factory if she was not FULL-TIME in the milking parlor, EVERY cow matters to her and also the quality and integrity of the milk as raw material for the factory.

In the five years that followed, we never rested, but the LORD was ALWAYS there…. On Monday mornings the cattle feed must be paid, and our biggest buyer only pays on Wednesday, then on a number of occasions a buyer who only had to pay two months later will pay TOTALLY unexpectedly. The Lord has provided!

Johannes and Lawrence (our sons) slept in the bakkie, walked home from the main road in the afternoons, ALWAYS did their own homework and helped with all the other tasks. They dropped off cheese, helped out at festival, pasted stickers, mopped floors from a very young age. Many times as a mother, I felt I was failing, but today my 21 year old and 18 year old sons are the most special children and I know for sure – the Lord has provided!

We went through DEEP waters when a theft occurred, we closed the factory and prayed for six weeks, for the Lord’s will, with clear answers that we MUST go on.

Our staff of 10 at the factory, 5 at the farm and 2 at the guesthouse were sent by the Lord, I can attest to this today, with our quiet time in the morning, everyone gets a turn to read, and the support and love we all have there at Jesus’ feet, whether in person or for our daily task, is just from above. After a difficult road, with God ABSOLUTELY as the head of this factory, I once again realize with stars in my eyes and a deep gratitude in my heart that this was a blessed road and would continue to be, and I would NEVER want it differently. Jeremiah 29:11 – came true at Kasselshoop.

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#3 Vredesberg Goats Milk Products

#SupportSmallCheesemakers: #3 Vredesberg Goats Milk Products
Introducing Vredesberg Empowering Farms – an employee-owned company
Location: Kareedouw, Route 62, Tsitsikamma

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds. We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs: #Share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese! (details below)!

The Vredesberg story:
Vredesberg was established in 2016 with a unique business profile being a worker-owned company producing goats milk products.
They started off with making chèvre style cheese rolled in different spices. They kept on trying to make different styles of cheese until they developed their own signature cheese selection.
Today their cheesery produce Gouda, Cheddar, Pecorino, Yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, cream cheese and their famous chèvre cheese balls (Bokche).

The team:
• Andries Heugh – the farm manager looking after the herd and daily operations.
• His wife Geraldine Heugh is the head cheesemaker. She and her team are running the factory. Geraldine loves food and she pairs different tastes very well combined with her fine eye for detail she ensures the quality of the cheese.
• Ricardo Grootboom – managing the milking parlor.
• Themba Klaas – handyman, fixing things and building their equipment makes him happy and their lives easy.
• Jan van der Merwe – visionary of Vredesberg and yoghurt maker.
• Karen van der Merwe – office lady and food safety team leader.

• Bokche – a soft goats milk cheese made in the traditional chèvre style.
Flavours: Italian Herb, Garlic & Herb, Pesto, Black Pepper, Chilli.
• Bokcreme – Full cream goats milk cream cheese.
Flavours: Garlic & Herb, Sweet Chilli.
• Gogo – mature goats milk gouda cheese (minimum of 3 months)
• Vredesberg Cheddar is firm mild to sharp
Flavour: Plain, Red Wine.
• Go-Yo Drinking Yoghurt – full cream goats milk with no added preservatives
Flavours: Vanilla, Caramel, Mixed Berry, Blueberry and Strawberry
• Full cream plain yoghurt – Plain unsweetened, strained yoghurt made with full cream goats milk, No added preservatives.
• Plain Greek Style Yoghurt

Where to buy:
Western Cape
• Spar (Plettenberg bay)
• The Deli Factory
Eastern Cape
• Deli’s
• Spar
• Haas Jou (Jeffreysbay)

Contact them at:
060 970 7985/076 777 0817 or email 

#CheeseChat on social media:
Facebook @Vredesberg Empowering Farms
Twitter @Vredesberg
Instagram @Vredesbergempowering

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#2 Kingwill Cheese

#SupportSmallCheesemakers: #2 #KingwillCheese

Introducing  Kingwill Cheese with owners Ian and Zelda Kingwill

Location: Riviersonderend, Western Cape

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds. We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs. Show your support – #share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese!

The (colourful!) Kingwill Cheese story:

Teddy & Desireé Kingwill started making cheese in 2000.  At first, on small scale, starting in the kitchen, trying out all the recipes until the perfect one was found.  They ended up building a small cheese factory, to keep up with the demand. Today, their son Ian and his wife Zelda are in charge of this growing business. They are proud to say that they are making 18 cheddars with different herbs and spices and 2 Goudas. A flavour for every taste – and their Matured Cheddars are of extremely good quality and great taste.

 Meet the team:

  • Milking team: Learnmore Moyo, Abraham Moyo, Justin Sibanda
  • Head Milkman: Ian Kingwill
  • Cheese making team: Ngoni Gonapanja, Sophie Adendorf, Teddy Kingwill, Zelda Kingwill. Ngoni is from Zimbabwe and has been working in the cheese factory for the past 12 years!
  • Admin: Willa Opperman


  • Gouda and Plain Cheddar – R120/kg
  • Cheddar with: Pepper, Cumin, Smoked Jalapeno, Mixed Herbs, Olives, Chilli, Chives & Onion, Garlic & Onion, Stinging Nettle, Sage, Italian Mix, Mustard Seed, Coriander – R130/kg
  • Smoked Gouda and Smoked Cheddar – R145/kg
  • Matured Cheddar – R145/kg
  • Teddy’s Cheese – R155/kg
  • One year matured – R225/kg

Where to buy:

Due to lockdown, they cannot do deliveries but the products are available as per below:

OK Minimark in Greyton, Appelliefie in Riviersonderend en Hillcrest Berries in Stellenbosch.

The products are usually stocked as per below:

Western Cape:

  • Dassiesfontein (Caledon)
  • Elgin Railway Market
  • Willowbridge Market
  • Greyton Market
  • Vogel Valley Farms Stall (Botrivier)
  • Keurbomen Farm Stall (Swellendam)
  • OK Grocer (Greyton)
  • Total Garage (Caledon)
  • Ou Meul Bakery (Riviersonderend)
  • Country Store (Caltex Garage Riviersonderend)
  • Packtown (Bredasdorp)

Contact them at:

082 681 2303  or email 

#CheeseChat on social media:

Facebook @kingwillcheese

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#1 Langbaken Karoo Cheese

#SupportSmallCheesemakers: #1 #LangbakenKarooCheese

Introducing Langbaken Karoo Cheese with owners Peter & Francy Schoeman

Location: Williston, Great Karoo

Agri-Expo in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture annually sponsors a number of small cheesemakers at the #SACheeseFest to showcase their hand-crafted products and treat your taste buds. We encourage you to join our #SupportSmallCheesemakers campaign and create some much-needed market exposure for our #agripreneurs. Show your support – #share their stories on social media, #comment to let them know we are #strongertogether, and most importantly #buySAcheese!

The Langbaken Karoo Cheese story:

In 2010 Peter and Francy Schoeman moved to Langbaken Farm in Williston in the Great Karoo. They brought with them a small herd of 10 Jersey cows with dreams to make beautiful, artisanal cheese from raw milk. An old wagon room was converted into a cheesery, and the first cheese was made in June of 2010. Langbaken Karoo Cheese was born.

They work according to Slow Food principles, using traditional farmhouse methods. The well-being of their cows, and the production of nutritious, pure, raw milk is a priority.

The pristine Karoo, and the gentle lifestyle contributes enormously to the character of the cheese. Peter is in charge of getting high-quality milk into the cheese vat in order for Francy to make the best possible cheese. The farmer and the cheesemaker are a winning team, who have been winning awards, at the SA Dairy Championships since they first entered in  2013.

The team:

  • Peter is no doubt the Main Man, General Farm Manager, and General Office Manager
  • Francy is the Head Cheesemaker
  • Cathy Ferus is the Assistant Cheesemaker
  • John Ferus and Lewies Koopman are the Dairymen and Milkers
  • Mannetjies van Wyk is the General Helper

Cathy’s journey to assistant cheesemaker:

In the early days, Francy was responsible for all the cheesemaking, cleaning, and the work involved in bringing the cheese to maturity. This meant that she was greatly restricted and had to be on the farm at all times. Four years ago, Cathy (previously unemployed and living in Williston) was employed to help as an assistant in the cheeseroom. She showed interest and potential, and it wasn’t long before Francy began teaching her how to make cheese. A year after she started, Cathy made her first cheese for the SA Dairy Championships. In 2017 her Williston Cheese won SA Champion in its category!


  • Karoo Crumble: hard cheese well-matured – 4 x SA Champion and Qualité Award winner, AGAIN IN 2020
  • Karoo Swiss: semi-hard, 3-6 months matured – Gold Medal, World Jersey Cheese Championships
  • Karoo Blue
  • Williston: a young, well-balanced cheese – SA Champion 2017
  • Camembert: SA Champion 2018
  • Ash Camembert
  • Karoo Sunset: a washed rind cheese

Where to buy:

Contact them at:

053 3914161 or 0825504981 (no signal on farm) Whatsapp only or email 

#CheeseChat on social media:

Facebook Langbaken Karoo Cheese (closed group, ask to join)

Instagram @langbakencheese

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No Alcohol will be served to persons under the age of 18.